Medical Support

ERS Health is a global leader in medical services and healthcare solutions. Through our Health Alliance network, ehealth software and Telemedicine technology we can provide bespoke solutions to all industry sectors, operating in metropolitan, regional and remote locations around the world. Core services provided to the Malaysina region include:

  • Escort Doctors and Paramedics
  • Health Consulting Services
  • Health Education and training
  • Heath and Wellness services
  • Medical clinics and resupply 

Consulting Services

We work collaboratively with a wide range of organisations, from Blue Chip and listed companies to private companies, government departments, underwriters and insurance retailers.

Our health consulting practice works with organisations to manage costs, create efficiencies and improve health outcomes. We help deliver smart health solutions and use ehealth technology applications to improve health services management, health outcomes and as a result improve financial performance. We collaborate to transform health management, and we help develop new business models so that our clients can better optimise their health spend.

Our healthenomics™ approach provides an organisation wide, top to bottom assessment of health service performance, financial management and economic benchmarking.

We offer health consulting services to clients from a wide range of industry sectors. Consulting can include simple audits and reviews, legislative and regulatory compliance, risk and finance, advisory and ehealth, to strategy and change management. We help organisations navigate an increasingly complex health environment.

Medical Services

We provide clients with reliable, professional and cost effective medical solutions tailored to meet organisational needs. Using a collaborative approach our team of risk, security and medical professionals develop comprehensive medical plans for end to end support anywhere in the world.

In order to deliver bespoke medical solutions we assess a wide range of risk factors that may impact a client’s business; these include operational risk, communication risk, supply chain infrastructure and associated occupational, environmental risks and where necessary geopolitical and economic risks, providing clients with detailed assessments on which to make informed medical and health decisions.

Through the use of cutting edge ehealth and telemedicine technology we are able to offer clients innovative medical solutions. With state of the art remote diagnostic equipment linked to our telehealth technology connecting clients to our powerful network of medical professionals available 24 hours a day 365 days a year we have the ability to deliver high quality early medical interventions and advice, improving critical care outcomes and survivability, as well as directly reducing long-term costs associated with delayed or poor quality care.